Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of those days

I am not sure where to begin...

It seemed like whatever could go wrong did!! It all started with me sewing, who would have known that I should wear safety googles when embroidering. I was working along on my many of projects only to take my eyes off of it for a few seconds to tend to my baby when the needle snapped in half and went into my eye. It hurt like crazy and I seriously debated on calling the doctor, but with some time the pain and reddness went away and my vision seems fine.

So round two with my embroidery unit later that day~I usually use a wooden chopstick to hold fabric out of the way, but Gabie had run off with it so I was holding the extra fabric with my hand and the bar came down on my finger and cut it up. Luckily I did not bleed on the pretty Lime shirt, that is all I cared about at the time!!

After two incidents I decied to move onto to other projects and somehow managed to keep all fingers and toes~Amen!! I did manage to burn lunch, break a plate, and stump my toe. Then my husband comes home with the mail to show me I have been summoned to Federal Court to be a juror in a rather terrible month that I was planning on helping my sister move to Florida. Let alone I have no idea what I would do with my children in the event I do have to serve.

My inlaws dropped by this afternoon to bring some things over then went to eat at Cracker Barrell to have hands down the worst meal I have ever consumed from there.

After this rather long day that seemed as nothing could go right, my Beautiful Daughter, Reese, that just turned one yesterday took her first steps!! It totally made this long day worth everything I had went through to see those steps. I was so proud for her and to see the accomplishment on her face, she knew she had done something. I am so happy and so sad all at once. I can't believe she is one and starting to walk, I want these fleeting moments to slow down. I know I can't stop time, so for now I will cherish each day I have with my two daughters and Thank God I have the opportunity to stay at home and watch them grow up.

Happy ONE Day late 1st Birthday my Sweet Baby Reese!!

I love you with all my heart

Do you remember what it felt like to see your childs first steps?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springing Ahead with CuddleBugs

Don't you love this time of year?

Birds singing, flowers blooming, planting gardens, playing list could go on. I am so sorry I have neglected this little blog here~but I have been super busy! Which is great, don't get me wrong, but that means I have had to put some of my craft ideas on the backburner. Don't worry, one day I will get around to them.

I have been in the process of working on my Spring Lineup for CuddleBug Gift Boutique and had a great time picking out my fabrics of choice. These are from our local Hobby Lobby and they are great because I don't have to worry with them running out (now that I say that they will decide to completely change things). So far I have had a blast with my local photographers helping me out.

Here are some sweet little Knot dresses that are so adorable~you can layer them up on cooler days or wear them plain and even throw some leggings or jeans underneath.
Here is Brynn wearing my Spring butterfly Knot Dress, Brynn is the daughter of one of my photographers...isn't she a Doll?

Gabie (my oldest CuddleBug) wearing the Colorful Strips Knot Dress with Matching capris underneath.

I recently got a new pattern for bloomers on etsy from Whimsy Couture
~although you can't see them too well under this pillowcase dress~I promise they are there.

Here is Sweet Julie with gorgeous red hair wearing the Spring Floral Pillowcase Dress with matching polka dot bloomers

With Spring here and Summer around the corner I had to add some cute ruffled capri pants with adorable applique tops to my collection

Zoey in the Pink Capris and Chocolate Bunny Top

Peyton wearing the Polka Dot Capri with Butterfly Applique Top

And now on to My Skirts

Reese (my youngest little CuddleBug) wearing My First Easter Applique top with Colorful Striped Twirl Skirt

Grant wearing the Silhouette Bunny Applique Shirt

Wyatt is next with Easter Wagon Applique Shirt

For Haley I wanted something Simple and Sweet.
The skirt can be paired with just about any color top (long or short sleeve), I added a small matching applique to coordinate.

Austin was kind enough to model my newest item to offer~Boys Neck Ties!!
These make great Photography Props or just to dress up. I can make these in so many different patterns or colors.

You wanna check out some more of Lindsay's wonderful work??? Of course you do. Follow her: Facebook or her Blog or website

And because I am lucky enough to have two photographers in my life, Becky with Christensen Photography came out and snapped a few shots for me of Miss Gracie.
Gracie is wearing the Bright Polka Dot Ruffled Capri with Lime Flower Applique Top

For more Work from Becky please go follow her on Facebook at Christensen Photography.

I Big Thanks to Lindsay and Becky for some wonderful photographs and all my little Models that came out to help!

Don't forget that all these items plus more are available to purchase online at my etsy shop