Thursday, July 21, 2011

Caring for boutique Handmade Clothing

Let's face it...we LOVE handmade clothing~or at least I do. I know when my child wears the clothing that not everyone and their dog will have a piece like it. I also know that if I buy it from another seller it is likely that they are also a stay/work at home mom and I am supporting them in their decision to care for their children. BUY HANDMADE~that's all I can say!!

I can't speak for everyone's handmade clothing but I take great pride in making quality clothing with extra special care to the stitching. I serge and topstitch the seams to help them last longer and not worry so much about fraying in the wash. I wash my clothing in a COLD gentle wash cycle and hang dry. WHY, you ask?...the COLD waters helps to prevent any fabric dye from bleeding~the gentle cycle slows down the speed of the cycle which isn't as harsh on clothing~ and I hang dry to try and prevent ironing. I am not a FAN of the iron, though much needed at times, but seriously I am busy enough without having to worry about pressing any clothing. Sometimes I forget and throw the clothing in the dryer but I will then either suck it up and pull out the iron or wet it and hang dry....depending on the time I have. I follow the same directions above for Appliques except I turn them inside out to further protect the stitching. Now on to those cute tutu's~they can be washed. If you have a laundry bag put them in it, but if not be careful as to what else you throw in there with them as the tulle can easily be snagged on zippers etc. After you have washed them~ hang to dry...NEVER dry a tutu or they will be ruined. You can Fluff the tulle when and it is dry and it's as good as new.

What a difference dryer vs hanging to dry makes!!

See how winkled the sleeves and ruffle at the bottom is?

And now the results of Hanging to dry. I do straighten the dress a little while wet after I hang it and pull a little at the ruffle to get it straighten out.

Protect your investment in all those cute boutique outfits and take extra special care when washing and drying. If you have any other helpful hints feel free to share.

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